Massage Parlours Vs Private Massage Services

Massage Parlours vs Private Massage Services

Massage Parlours Vs Private Massage Services

What is a Massage Parlour?

A Massage Parlour is a place where massage services are provided in a commercial establishment. Some massage parlours are fronts for prostitution and the term ‘massage parlour’ has, therefore, become a euphemism for a brothel – much to the annoyance of professional masseurs.


What is a Private Massage Service?

A Private Massage Service provides the client with the luxury of being discreet. The client is offered an invitation to a private accommodation where no one else is present. A Private Massage Studio is not recognisable from the outside but has all the equipment required to perform the massage on the inside.


Associated Risk Factors – Erotic Massage Parlours

Massage Parlours are public establishments making them non-discreet. You will usually meet several people inside, among them, you might meet other staff members and waiting clients. If the massage parlour is within your local area, the chance of meeting someone you know is very high. Meeting someone you know in a massage parlour may cause an unexplainable embarrassment, damage your personal relationship, or worst, affect your career.


Another risk factor to consider is the legality of the establishment.

The police often raid massage Parlours regularly to prevent illegal activities such as brothel operation, illicit drugs, human trafficking, and modern slavery. Although you might argue that the massage parlour you know seems fine, but is it worth being there if the police raid it?


 How Private Massage Services Such as Privy Massage Address This Risk Issues.

Private Massage services solve many of the risk factors associated with massage parlours. The main reason is that a private masseur absorbs most of the risk to accommodate their clients. Independent Private masseurs appoint private massage agencies such as Privy Massage and Karma Tantric to assist with client filtering and security. With the help of Privy Massage Agency, a private massage therapist can focus on doing their work to the best of their ability with confidence.

If you choose to experience a private massage, you will quickly realise that everything is done in a very discreet manner. Here at Privy Massage, the venue for your appointment is a private residential apartment with intercom system. Once inside there will only be you and your masseur.


Professional Massage and Quality of Service

It is very common for massage parlours to hire unqualified massage therapists, who will go on to learn their techniques from the more experienced masseurs. If your unlucky and ended up getting one of the beginners, they could potentially do you more harm than good. Massage parlours are the perfect place for a new therapist to learn new skills, but while doing so, they are practising on your money.

An inexperienced massage therapist may not know to ask or have the time nor inclination to query about a client’s personal conditions. For people with serious health issues, a Parlour could be dangerous or even fatal.

Private Massage practices are built on a solid foundation of training and expertise. Their massage techniques and attention to details develop over time, which enhance the quality of service and drive people back to their business. It is in the massage therapists’ best interest to uphold their reputation, as a successful masseur relies on regular clients. This is very beneficial to clients as a reassurance of an exceptional personal customer service experience.



If you are looking for a non-sensual or non-erotic massage, we strongly recommend a licensed therapeutic clinic near you. However, if you are looking for more freedom and flexibility such as an erotic massage, then you’re better off with a Private Massage Establishment such as Privy Massage. Massage Parlours, although might prove more convenient with their walk-in approach rather than advance booking, but might be too risky depending on your circumstances. Be patient, do your research and be safe.



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