If you’re looking for that professional holistic touch with your sensual erotic massage then we highly recommend that you try Crystal’s Swedish Tantric Massage. Crystal who is approaching 8 years in her career as a masseuse and beauty therapist has joined our team with fresh new techniques to relax and de-stress your whole body.

She is half Italian and half Spanish but has spent most of her life here in the UK. We find her to be a very open-minded person, sweet and very much sensual indeed. She is all natural; being a vegetarian, non-smoker and never once had alcohol. We are very positive that you will enjoy every moment in her company as well as her relaxing sensual erotic massage.

We value your feed so please let us know what you think of Crystal in the review section below. Do Enjoy Your Massage.

Profile & Sexological Bodyworks:

  • Experience: 8 Years +
  • Age: 29
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Speciality: Swedish Nuru
  • Lingham Massage: Yes
  • Yoni Massage: Yes
  • Prostate Massage: Yes
  • Naturism: Yes

46 reviews for “Crystal

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: Peter says:

    A lovely lady with a smile to brighten any room and a touch which puts a big smile on your face. Delightful.

    Reviewed by: Ashley Postance says:

    Hi, i had a nuru massage with Crystal. She is a beautiful lady, made me feel extremely welcome, & is an excellent masuse. Thanks you very much Crystal.

    Reviewed by: Steve S says:

    I saw Crystal Saturday evening after a day at work cooking. Being my first visit I did not know what to expect ,but Crystal has me in a relaxed state from the beginning to end. Good chat and explained all that would happen. Crystal is a true delight and was incredibly professional with the massage . My mind was blown and I will be re visiting soon. Great chat and explained all about the therapeutic benefits of a massage. Thank you again Crystal from a very happy chef

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Crystal is a beautiful interesting and intelligent young lady who gave me a wonderful massage today, she made me very welcome, and I hope to book another massage with her very soon

    Reviewed by: S says:

    Crystal was amazing. This was the best massage I’ve ever had. She is smiley, sexy and very beautiful and made me very welcome. I hope to return

    Reviewed by: Ra says:

    She is the best therapist which I found, and made me very happy.

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    A very beautiful and charming lady with a smile that is totally mesmerising.

    After a disaster of a day it was a very welcome relaxing time.

    Thankyou so much Crystal. I will definitely be seeing you again.

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Saw Crystal today. Really lovely. Genuine, warm person. Very good massage.

    Reviewed by: Richard says:

    I visited Crystal today and as always with a new booking you don’t know what to expect, well I was extremely pleased when Crystal opened the door, she is a beautiful young lady, very friendly and made me feel really welcome. Her massage skills are top notch,I received a really professional swedish massage and the Tantric element that followed was fabulous. I couldnt fault Crystal or the venue which was very discreet, easy to find and very clean with good shower facilities. Thanks again Crystal for a fantastic experience and I will definitely be returning.

    Reviewed by: Dave says:

    If there was 5star plus I would give it. Crystal massage was the best I’ve ever had. She was friendly and her touch has incredible. Totally recommend her if a relaxing awesome massage is what you’re looking for.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Wow! I was not expecting that. The best body to body Nuru I have ever had. Crystal is charming, beautiful, tender and very sexy. She clearly enjoys her job and her foremost aim is that you have a wonderful time. Hopefully she will be back in Nottingham very soon.

    Reviewed by: Phil says:

    Had an enjoyable relaxing massage from Crystal yesterday. I will definitely be repeating the experience. Thanks 🙂

    Reviewed by: Ben says:

    Incredible! Best massage I have had anywhere of any type. Place was very clean, central and quiet. Crystal was very welcoming and explained how it would work. And then the massage itself, wow! A proper skilled massage that has left me walking on air since. Thank you Crystal!

    Reviewed by: Luks says:


    What am amazing massage
    She made me feel so relaxed and what a change in atmosphere on a depressing rainy day…
    She made me smile and shine like a sunny day…
    Will return very soon

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    Beautiful Masseuse

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    I finally got the opportunity to visit again.

    Wow it was amazing.

    She is truly talented and a genuinely nice intelligent and beautiful lady.

    It won’t be so long between visits next time.

    Reviewed by: Rytis says:

    She’s nice and friendly and massage was amazing,I’m wery happy,thanks

    Reviewed by: Bob says:

    Saw Crystal on my first visit; I soon relaxed after she explained the Swedish Tantric massage. She gave a excellent relaxing massage and an amazing tantric massage which was truly mind-blowing. Pity there is no option for a 120 minute session

    Reviewed by: Harry says:

    Incredible massage from Crystal today… lovely person, a gorgeous body and massage technique is incredible. I’ll be back 🙂

    Reviewed by: Dk says:

    Seen Crystal today and had the most relaxing of massages! She was calming and beautiful. I was scared to start with but I soon found myself relaxed and enjoying every minute of the experience. Thank you Crystal!

    Reviewed by: Stephen says:

    I went for a nuru massage of crystal but I nervous at first and crystal put me at ease crystal look beautiful in person but the picture do crystal on harm I will be coming back when crystal is back in Liverpool I will give crystal 5 star for a nuru massage of crystal and takecare going home tonight I will see you soon in liverpool

    Reviewed by: Sam says:

    Crystal is amazing. She’s beautiful, she’s sensuous, she’s softer than silk, she has the hands of a goddess and the smile to match. She has a beautiful sensuous voice and an adorable giggle. She read my body expertly, knowing exactly when and where to touch – or not touch – in order to drive me into a state of sustained ecstacy. I’d see her again in a heartbeat if I were local to her.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Highly recommended. Crystal is a wonderful, beautiful person and she gives a fantastic massage. Merry Christmas. Follow your heart.

    Reviewed by: Carl says:

    Crystal is absolutely amazing. She has a touch unlike any other and offers a massage that will leave your entire body tingling.

    Reviewed by: C says:

    A sweet, professional young woman who enjoys providing a truly whole body and mind experience. Thanks Crystal

    Reviewed by: Suko says:

    Crystal was AMAZING last night – such skillful use of her hands. Lovely and sweet too, and the most gorgeous smile I will never forget.

    Reviewed by: R says:

    Crystal is amazing and all i can say she gives one of the massage i have ever had. great person and very friendly. Will be a sure regular

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    What to say that hasn’t already been said? An amazing, sensual experience with a lady who is beautiful both inside and out. For your own sake, indulge yourself!!

    Reviewed by: Joe says:

    Outstanding service and a lovely lady!

    Reviewed by: Joe says:


    Reviewed by: J says:

    Breathtakingly wonderful!

    Reviewed by: David says:

    Crystal is extremely polite and exceptionally good at what she does. I left a different person in a different frame of mind. Highly recommended.

    Reviewed by: john says:

    she is so beautiful and giving extre pleasure in all aspect

    Reviewed by: Will says:

    Enjoyed my 1 hour with Crystal. fully focus on me being relaxed and making sure I feel comfortable.

    Reviewed by: David says:

    Once again absolutely the best experience had. Her smile is mesmerising and her touch is magic. You’ll want to take her home.

    Reviewed by: Joe says:

    Treat her with respect, I had an amazing session.. such a sweet and a wonderful young lady.

    Reviewed by: Lee says:

    Amazing experience, felt so good I didn’t want it to end, Crystal had the sweetest touch and I loved the tantric element. I just drifted away! The best massage yet at privy I felt so relaxed. Thank you so much!

    Reviewed by: Stephen says:

    I went to see crystal on Tuesday afternoon for a Swedish nuru massage of crystal in Liverpool I was a bit upset because I had bad news 3 weeks ago so crystal got me to relaxed myself when crystal started to do the massage on me I felt at ease I will give crystal 5 star for doing a good massage and I will give crystal 10 out of 10 for doing a good job I will see crystal again when crystal is back in liverpool

    Reviewed by: Keith says:

    Now i know why she has a five star rating what a lady thanks Keith xx

    Reviewed by: Clive says:

    Had a lovely hour with Crystal yesterday. She is a delightful young woman in every way. The massage was superb but, because of Crystal’s personality, the whole experience was so much more than that.

    Reviewed by: COLIN says:

    I’ve seen Crystal twice and she is an amazing lady who makes you feel that you are really special. My sessions were of one hour duration which was roughly split in to three 20 minute sessions. 20 mins back, 20 mins front and final 20 were of a more erotic nature with a prolonged lingum finiish

    Reviewed by: Jijo says:

    Took a privy with crystal…she is wonderful and gorgeous with the massage ..make you feel comfortable..thoroughly enjoyed it …

    Reviewed by: Stephen Hamon says:

    i went to see crystal for the third time in liverpool and i havent seen crystal for a long time when crystal came to the door crystal look beautiful as ever crystal got me to relax my body because i was in a lot of pain with my back and shoulders i will give crystal 5 star for doing a good massage and i will give crystal 10 out of 10 for doing a good job i enjoyed being in crystal company from the start to the finish takecare of your self and i will see you soon when crystal is back in liverpool treat crystal with respect and treat crystal well and crystal is a nice woman in person and crystal got a beautiful smile and body

    Reviewed by: Cando says:

    Experience does make different and Crystal have that, see you soon.

    Reviewed by: Anthony says:

    Went too see Crystal for the first time wow what an amazing Lady felt like I had an out of body experience this Lady has got a talent that cannot be discribed you have to experience what Crystal can offer 10 out off 10 for this amazing beautiful lady xxx

    Reviewed by: Nathan says:

    had great time with her in liverpool tuesday