If you know a thing or two about beauty, then you got a thing for sweetness.

We refer to Sophia as the flower of Privy, always looking wonderful and sweet. Loving and caring to ALMOST every inch.

See her customer reviews for yourself.

Profile & Sexological Bodyworks:

  • Experience: 3 Years +
  • Age: 28
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Speciality: Swedish Nuru
  • Lingham Massage: Yes
  • Yoni Massage: Yes
  • Prostate Massage: Yes
  • Naturism: Yes

41 reviews for “Sophia

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: Nijin says:

    Sophia was very charming and beautiful. It was a great service and i would definitely return to see more of sophia.

    Reviewed by: Rich says:

    Sophia was amazing as usual, seen her so many times can’t get enough. See you soon!

    Reviewed by: Raz says:

    As usual, amazing time spent with sophia! Great massage, very sensual

    Reviewed by: O says:

    Wow amazing. Very pretty lady and an excellent massage! Thankyou!!

    Reviewed by: Justin says:

    Sophia is Privy’s best! Glad to have her back as she’s outstanding at what she does.

    Reviewed by: Joseph says:

    I met Sofia today in Birmingham and she has excellent knowledge of what she does. She made me feel very comfortable and for the short time we had together, I forgot all the stress and anxities I had in my busy life. I would definitely meet her again!

    Reviewed by: Tesla b says:

    Met Sophia yesterday in Birmingham, I have spent the best 90min of my life with here. Hope to see her soon.

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Another lovely massage from Sophia

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Another lovely massage by Sophia

    Reviewed by: Adam says:

    Wowww what an amazing hour spent with this gorgeous girl with amazing hands and body . Would definitely definitely be returning

    Reviewed by: N says:

    A lovely hour spent with Sophie. A relaxing massage and the tempo increased perfectly throughout the hour

    Reviewed by: Raz says:

    Amazing time spent with sophia again, excellent massage as usual first and what happened after that was the best in my life 😜 see you again when you come back!

    Reviewed by: MH says:

    What a fantastic lady sophia is! Seen sophia a few times now and she is always a brilliant masseuse and always delivers! Excellent quality time! Look forward to seeing her soon! X

    Reviewed by: Raz says:

    Ive seen sophia many times in the past year, she has always been consistent! Great massage again and excellent service after that with real passion 😊 hope to see sophia again very soon in leicester

    Reviewed by: Nick says:

    It was good but not special. She is lovely and very pleasant. However for some reason I just found the whole experience a bit underwhelming and not that good vfm

    Reviewed by: A says:

    I’m not the one to leave usually a review, but this girl knows how to do a proper massage. Top Star!

    Reviewed by: Manny says:

    Sophia was incredible. Very kind, attentive, respectful, caring dnd sensual. She left me satisfied and wanting more. I felt like she not only is very professional but she really cares about pleasing her clients. She didn’t rush me after the massage and she allowed me to play my own music with my speaker. I would go see her everyday if I could. Thank you Sophia!

    Reviewed by: Vicky says:

    Im very glad to meet sophia today…She is amazing and the massage is very sensual.
    Thank you Sophia for the wonderful evening

    Reviewed by: J says:

    Great massage from sophia, professional and very sensual at the same time! ..will come back again

    Reviewed by: J says:

    Another amazing time with sophia, very professional on the massage table ….see you again soon in Birmingham

    Reviewed by: Sergei says:

    Amazing, professional and very sensual massage from Sophia . Thank you for a wonderful time !

    Reviewed by: Raz says:

    Another great massage from sophia, all my body pains disappeared. Also sensual too

    Reviewed by: Ryan says:

    Sophia was beautiful, very professional and she made sure you were relaxed. Extremely satisfied and will return again.

    Reviewed by: Peter says:

    Sophia was amazing. She is beautiful and sensual. I enjoyed every minute.

    Reviewed by: Richard says:

    Meet sophia today for the first time had a very enjoyable time with sophia 💕

    Reviewed by: alex says:

    I had a wonderful massage with Sophie,she is very proffesional and made me feel relaxed after massage. I recommend to everyone

    Reviewed by: Roger says:

    Sofia is amazing. She gave me a professional massage. I would definitely come back.

    Reviewed by: Raz says:

    Wow another great time with sophia….excellent massage, made me feel so relaxed, great communication, very good listener..and left me speechless and highly satisfied…thank you sophia see u again soon x

    Reviewed by: Rob says:

    Lovely first time with Sophia. Relaxed and happy when I left……the most beautiful smile x

    Reviewed by: Dev says:

    Wow what can i say about sophia….very naughty, look forward to see her again for sure!

    Reviewed by: Justin says:

    Sophia is Privy’s best. A great massage and a lovely woman to talk to.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Sophia is stunningly beautiful. I enjoyed the session and will be returning.

    Reviewed by: Leslie says:

    Had a great 1.5 hour session with thr beautiful Sophia again yesterday, and love the outfit she greeted me in :). Excellent and very sensual massage and always feel completely relaxed at the end of it. Never felt rushed and really enjoy the conversations we have as well. Will definitely be back again for more!

    Reviewed by: Singh says:

    Wow sophia amazing as usual, the extras provided is done with full passion and no limits! In in love! Thank you and see you again soon

    Reviewed by: Justin says:

    Everytime I see Sophia it is incredible. Her massage is so relaxing and her personality is a delight.

    Reviewed by: Craig says:

    From the majority of the reviews for Sophia I was expecting a great experience. The massage was good but the overall experience was underwhelming. I assume Sophia did not connect. All my previous privy experiences have exceeded my expectations so was a bit disappointed with the vfm

    Reviewed by: Jose says:

    Met Sophia for the first time. She was a bit quiet but gave such a relaxing massage; very professional but sensual as well. Excellent experience overall.

    Reviewed by: Raz says:

    Amazing from sophia again, very relaxing massage, great communication, easy to talk to, cant wait to see sophia again…thank you Habibi!

    Reviewed by: SKing says:

    Privys best ki***! Sophia treated me like a ***friend..amazing, see you again soon

    Reviewed by: Raz says:

    Another great session from sophia, great massage, great communication, very relaxing…very beautiful, she is sweet like jalebi! 😉 thank you

    Reviewed by: Bhopal S says:

    A great meet with sophia, very beautiful, naughty massage, the extras provided were perfect and sensual, she is a great kisser. Her deep k**** made me stop breathing. Thank you sophia, i will surely be seeing you again