Privy Four Hands Tantric Massage


Privy Four Hands Tantric Massage involves two therapists, who will stroke away any tension and relax your mind and body completely. With the magic feel of four hands, you will reach new heights of pleasure. As a result of this prolonged feeling of being on the edge of ecstasy, you will experience an incredibly deep, intensified sexual climax.

Purva Karma massage, as it’s also known, gives you the added pleasure of a 2nd therapist. It combines many of the relaxing techniques from a Swedish massage and the erotic benefits of a tantric massage but doubled. 
Experience two therapists at the same time, complete relaxation, incredible tension relief, rich sensuality, and a slow but powerful build up to an erotic release. 

About Privy Four Hands Tantric Massage

Privy Four Hands Tantric massage is performed by two therapists working in synchronised harmony and is utterly indulgent. The presence of the two extra hands makes it more difficult for the brain to predict the movements and so the recipient is encouraged to ‘let go’. This results in complete relaxation of both the mind and body. The massage involves long, deep strokes with specific stretching and rolling movements, which help ease aching muscles, assist in the removal of toxins and increase oxygen levels in the blood.

Purva Karma massages are particularly beneficial for people who find it hard to relax completely. Sometimes polarity balancing and rocking movements are used to ground and de-stress if you are suffering from a significant build up of emotional anxiety/tension. The release of tension and re-balancing physically, mentally and spiritually can allow the recipient to experience a unique, breathtaking, whole body orgasm.