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    Reviewed by: James says:

    I had thee most fantastic swedish nuru massage by Monica, she had just the right touch and feel, absolute magic

    Reviewed by: Carlos says:

    Monique is a hot little package with the cutest face and a smoking hot body. The photos don’t do her justice. She oozes sex appeal and is polite and charming with it. The Swedish Nuru was bliss and i didn’t want it to end. She is very skilled and extremely sensual. One of Moniques best attributes is that she is warm and smiles throughout and you can tell that she enjoys what she does. I can’t wait until next time.

    Reviewed by: Ant says:

    Simply stunning and breathtaking!

    Reviewed by: Dave says:

    Tendre, sincère, jolie, sympathique et intelligente. I got the impression that Monica is probably very good at whatever, or whoever, she turns her hands to; and for me, the sensation was pretty much as good as it gets.

    Reviewed by: David says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Very polite, extremely pretty and the perfect massage. Highly recommended. Probably the best massage I have ever had.

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    I could not get over how unbelievabley beautiful Monica is, she was pleasant and talkative in the right moments, with the softest and most precise touch. Monica is geuinley one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and hope to see again.

    Reviewed by: Peter says:

    Meeting Monica was such a pleasure. With a real passion for the Tantric experience, a touch which brings only delight and a personality so warm and laid back Monica is a real find.

    Reviewed by: Omar says:

    Definitely the worst Massu on this website , I have came here many times before never experienced such hatred and arrogance, when I gave her the money she said she doesn’t have the change and I said ok no problem , she said leave apparently I raised my voice when I clearly didn’t .

    Reviewed by: Han says:

    Monica is really sweet and down to earth. She put me at ease for my first experience. She is skillful and thoughtful. I enjoyed my time and would definitely see her again. !

    Reviewed by: David says:

    La belle femme Monica… if you’d ever had the pleasure of a massage from her before the referendum, you’d never have wanted to leave the EU…. Une femme extraordinaire! Merci xxxxx

    Reviewed by: Ash says:

    All I’m saying I had an amazing session this girl I give her 10/10 look no further.. From her smile to her soft hands and her personality is as beautiful as her looks. Will definitely be back.

    Reviewed by: Stephen Hamon says:

    I went to see monica today for a nuru massage and it was amazing at first I was nervous but I felt at ease monica has got a beautiful smile and a beautiful body I will monica 5 star for a nuru massage if monica come back to Liverpool I will be coming back to see her

    Reviewed by: Damian says:

    Top class Swedish Nuru massage from Monica !!! Very beautiful lady as in photos (better in person)!!! Massage skills are top class !!! Very relaxing experience room very clean with nice scented candles and a little music to relax to 5***** experience!!! Would see again!!! Liverpool

    Reviewed by: David says:

    La plus belle femme avec des mains et la visage d’une ange! Damn you, Brexiteers – you have no idea how amazing this lady is… merci xxxxx

    Reviewed by: Jonathan says:

    Outstanding young lady. I was very nervous, as it was my first time, but she put me completely at my ease, and gave a wonderful relaxing massage. Highly recommended.

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    Reviewed by: Peter says:

    A lovely lady with a smile to brighten any room and a touch which puts a big smile on your face. Delightful.

    Reviewed by: Ashley Postance says:

    Hi, i had a nuru massage with Crystal. She is a beautiful lady, made me feel extremely welcome, & is an excellent masuse. Thanks you very much Crystal.

    Reviewed by: Steve S says:

    I saw Crystal Saturday evening after a day at work cooking. Being my first visit I did not know what to expect ,but Crystal has me in a relaxed state from the beginning to end. Good chat and explained all that would happen. Crystal is a true delight and was incredibly professional with the massage . My mind was blown and I will be re visiting soon. Great chat and explained all about the therapeutic benefits of a massage. Thank you again Crystal from a very happy chef

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Crystal is a beautiful interesting and intelligent young lady who gave me a wonderful massage today, she made me very welcome, and I hope to book another massage with her very soon

    Reviewed by: S says:

    Crystal was amazing. This was the best massage I’ve ever had. She is smiley, sexy and very beautiful and made me very welcome. I hope to return

    Reviewed by: Ra says:

    She is the best therapist which I found, and made me very happy.

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    A very beautiful and charming lady with a smile that is totally mesmerising.

    After a disaster of a day it was a very welcome relaxing time.

    Thankyou so much Crystal. I will definitely be seeing you again.

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Saw Crystal today. Really lovely. Genuine, warm person. Very good massage.

    Reviewed by: Richard says:

    I visited Crystal today and as always with a new booking you don’t know what to expect, well I was extremely pleased when Crystal opened the door, she is a beautiful young lady, very friendly and made me feel really welcome. Her massage skills are top notch,I received a really professional swedish massage and the Tantric element that followed was fabulous. I couldnt fault Crystal or the venue which was very discreet, easy to find and very clean with good shower facilities. Thanks again Crystal for a fantastic experience and I will definitely be returning.

    Reviewed by: Dave says:

    If there was 5star plus I would give it. Crystal massage was the best I’ve ever had. She was friendly and her touch has incredible. Totally recommend her if a relaxing awesome massage is what you’re looking for.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Wow! I was not expecting that. The best body to body Nuru I have ever had. Crystal is charming, beautiful, tender and very sexy. She clearly enjoys her job and her foremost aim is that you have a wonderful time. Hopefully she will be back in Nottingham very soon.

    Reviewed by: Phil says:

    Had an enjoyable relaxing massage from Crystal yesterday. I will definitely be repeating the experience. Thanks 🙂

    Reviewed by: Ben says:

    Incredible! Best massage I have had anywhere of any type. Place was very clean, central and quiet. Crystal was very welcoming and explained how it would work. And then the massage itself, wow! A proper skilled massage that has left me walking on air since. Thank you Crystal!

    Reviewed by: Luks says:


    What am amazing massage
    She made me feel so relaxed and what a change in atmosphere on a depressing rainy day…
    She made me smile and shine like a sunny day…
    Will return very soon

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    Beautiful Masseuse

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    I finally got the opportunity to visit again.

    Wow it was amazing.

    She is truly talented and a genuinely nice intelligent and beautiful lady.

    It won’t be so long between visits next time.

    Reviewed by: Rytis says:

    She’s nice and friendly and massage was amazing,I’m wery happy,thanks

    Reviewed by: Bob says:

    Saw Crystal on my first visit; I soon relaxed after she explained the Swedish Tantric massage. She gave a excellent relaxing massage and an amazing tantric massage which was truly mind-blowing. Pity there is no option for a 120 minute session

    Reviewed by: Harry says:

    Incredible massage from Crystal today… lovely person, a gorgeous body and massage technique is incredible. I’ll be back 🙂

    Reviewed by: Dk says:

    Seen Crystal today and had the most relaxing of massages! She was calming and beautiful. I was scared to start with but I soon found myself relaxed and enjoying every minute of the experience. Thank you Crystal!

    Reviewed by: Stephen says:

    I went for a nuru massage of crystal but I nervous at first and crystal put me at ease crystal look beautiful in person but the picture do crystal on harm I will be coming back when crystal is back in Liverpool I will give crystal 5 star for a nuru massage of crystal and takecare going home tonight I will see you soon in liverpool

    Reviewed by: Sam says:

    Crystal is amazing. She’s beautiful, she’s sensuous, she’s softer than silk, she has the hands of a goddess and the smile to match. She has a beautiful sensuous voice and an adorable giggle. She read my body expertly, knowing exactly when and where to touch – or not touch – in order to drive me into a state of sustained ecstacy. I’d see her again in a heartbeat if I were local to her.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Highly recommended. Crystal is a wonderful, beautiful person and she gives a fantastic massage. Merry Christmas. Follow your heart.

    Reviewed by: Carl says:

    Crystal is absolutely amazing. She has a touch unlike any other and offers a massage that will leave your entire body tingling.

    Reviewed by: C says:

    A sweet, professional young woman who enjoys providing a truly whole body and mind experience. Thanks Crystal

    Reviewed by: Suko says:

    Crystal was AMAZING last night – such skillful use of her hands. Lovely and sweet too, and the most gorgeous smile I will never forget.

    Reviewed by: R says:

    Crystal is amazing and all i can say she gives one of the massage i have ever had. great person and very friendly. Will be a sure regular

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    What to say that hasn’t already been said? An amazing, sensual experience with a lady who is beautiful both inside and out. For your own sake, indulge yourself!!

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    Reviewed by: J.R. says:

    Spent a quality hour with Megan yesterday. She is an absolutely stunning looking woman. Gorgeous body and beautiful face. She is extremely friendly. Her massage, to be completely honest, was fantastic. She knows what she is doing, and you will be in seventh heaven when you leave her. I can not wait to see you next time !

    Reviewed by: Craig says:

    I had a great time with Megan! It was the first time I have seen her as I am really glad I did. She is a really charming and attractive young lady and gave me a very relaxing-erotic massage.I can not wait to come back to spend more time with her !

    Reviewed by: R says:

    Met megan again today for the 2nd time and all I can say she is absolutely one of the best at Privy. So friendly and her massage takes you to heaven & back. Cant wait to see her again when back in Leicester 🙂

    Reviewed by: Jonathan says:

    Wonderful relaxing massage by a very beautiful young lady. Highly recommended. I will certainly be going back to see Megan again.

    Reviewed by: Sarah says:

    I spent a fantastic hour with Megan, it was my first time, she made me feel at ease. She is very friendly and beautiful. Felt totally relaxed. She is amazing at what she does. 10 out of 10. Thank you for the whole experience I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    Megan is a delight to meet.Our 90 mins together were amazing. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you step in. Her massage is fantastic and will definitely see her again.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    The best erotic massage I have had and from the very beautiful and very friendly Megan. The time just flies in her company.

    Reviewed by: T says:

    I had the most relaxing and mind blowing massage with Megan on Thursday evening in Nottingham.
    She delivered exactly what was discussed and more. Look forward to her scheduling being set to fortnightly visits to NG going forward 🤲🏻

40 Reviews

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    Reviewed by: Shaz says:

    Excellent massage, very relaxing. Would recommend

    Reviewed by: Juren says:

    Wonderful experience! The best masseuse I have met in Birmingham. She is very gentle and charming and looks much beautiful than figures. Arebella has great altitude and professional skills to make me relaxed. I look forward to meeting her next time.

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    Arabella, the girl with the magic hands.
    I have gone for a 60 mins session and she received me with her beautiful smile and welcomed warmly. She is one very sexy lady with outstanding skill. Would highly recommend her to everyone.
    I have had the best massage experience and would come back again.

    Reviewed by: Jaz says:

    Excellent erotic massage .Worth the money.
    Thank you Arabella
    Warm , friendly person
    Will definitely come back

    Reviewed by: Jay says:

    Most erotic 90 mins I have spent with a masseuse.. left feeling like a new man. Definitely be seeing her again in Leicester!

    Reviewed by: Jack says:

    Arabella’s photos really caught my eye, and I had to go see her. Very glad I did. She is sweet, sexy, nice to talk to, and has an awesome touch and slide. What more could you ask for?

    Reviewed by: Ra says:

    She is really nice and friendly. I enjoyed her massage, would like to see her again

    Reviewed by: Gav says:

    I saw Arabella on her first day in Nottingham and can only say Wow! She’s gorgeous and gave me the best erotic massage with a superb “happy ending” which she then repeated! Here’s hoping she’s back in Nottingham regularly 😁

    Reviewed by: Jack says:

    Just saw Arabella again. Wow, I am completely addicted. go see her and you will understand why!

    Reviewed by: Pat says:

    Arabella is extremely sexy and talented. She super friendly, great company and unbelievably hot. Don’t hesitate to book some time with her, she’s amazing.

    Reviewed by: bob says:

    Wonderful experience! The best masseuse I have met in Birmingham. She is very gentle and charming and looks much beautiful than figures. Arebella has great altitude and professional skills to make me relaxed. I look forward to meeting her next time {Arabella you know bob } xxxxx

    Reviewed by: Kevin says:

    Wonderful experience.. Amazing lady, very friendly and has a magic touch

    Reviewed by: Giordi says:

    La piu bella, the most beutiful girl. I need to see her again, again, again…A beutiful smile, a sweet touch, a roocking body….

    Reviewed by: Collin says:

    Just came back from our session and boy was it amazing! She is very talented and friendly and I will be back again soon

    Reviewed by: Flynn says:

    Excellent survives, 谢谢

    Reviewed by: Adam says:

    Visited Arabella recently at a fantastic apartment in Central Liverpool. Arabella gave the best massage I’ve ever had. I will definitely be back soon.

    Reviewed by: Collin says:

    Thank you again Arabella for another amazing session. I always leave feeling very relaxed and with a smile

    Reviewed by: Stephen says:

    I just had a nuru massage of Arabella she made me at ease at first then I was relaxed when Arabella started to do the massage Arabella look beautiful in person and the nuru massage was fantastic from Arabella I will be coming back when Arabella is in Liverpool and her picture do Arabella very good and I will Arabella 5 star for the massage take care of yourself and I will see you in Liverpool when Arabella is back in liverpool

    Reviewed by: Douglas says:

    …king awesome, magical touch, super charming, wanted to spend another hour , shes DEFO addictive,

    Reviewed by: sam says:

    Best time spent with Arabella. Very accommodating and sweet.

    Reviewed by: David says:

    An outstanding time with a funny warm-hearted girl with amazing technique. Heaven xxxx

    Reviewed by: Adam says:

    Beautiful girl. First time using this company and she took care of me. Great to look at. Amazing hands and overall worth every penny. Can’t wait to see her again.

    Reviewed by: R says:

    She’s so adorable and cute, also give the best service and experience… Terima Kasih (Thank You) Arabella.

    Reviewed by: Jack Kwa says:

    Visited Arabella last night. She’s the best personally for me in terms of both personality and appearance. 11/10 🙂 Hope to see her soon again 😀

    Reviewed by: BK says:

    Arabella was lovely; very sweet and with a great attitude, she enjoys her work and it shows. I’d definitely visit her again.

    Reviewed by: Paul says:

    First time going for a massage and Arabella was the perfect choice. Just amazing, every minute was well spent and I left feeling like a new man!

    Reviewed by: M Li says:

    Oh wow unbelievable she’s out of this world and believe me your in for a treat.

    Reviewed by: Greg says:

    If I could give 6 stars I would! I have been searching for a kindred spirit and a girl on my wavelength for a very long time now, and in Arabella I think I’ve found her. Incredibly beautiful, sexy, wonderfully, a LOT of fun! With a goddess and a mind perfectly wired for exploring the erotic arts, she is incredible and made me feel incredible too. I simply HAVE to go back 🙂

    Reviewed by: David says:

    Travelled from Leicrster to see Arabella – knowing it would be well worth the trip. She exceeded my expectations. So warm and friendly. A perfect girl! Xxxx

    Reviewed by: James says:

    Arabella is absolutely amazing, her photos on here don’t do her justice, she is more stunning in real life.
    I had an amazing time with her and would definitely see her again.

    Reviewed by: Javier says:

    Arabella was amazing, the massage was so relaxing and she is out of this world.

    Reviewed by: David says:

    Arabella is a delightful lady who spoke excellent English and modified here massage to suit my needs. But I think that the profile should have emphasised her strange tattoos which I found somewhat troubling. The given address was incorrect – there is no number 1 in the street. Neither is there any mirror in the room, one or two in particular on the ceiling would have much improved the experience as would an initial assisted shower which I have received at other Nuru massages.

    Reviewed by: Graham says:

    Wow,Arabella is gorgeous,so friendly and sexy,such a seductive time,her happiness is definitely your happiness,she certainly rocked my world,addictive yes,will be back again and again.

    Reviewed by: Tony says:

    She has a well-building body which looks not just very balanced but shaped!

    Reviewed by: Rockstar says:

    Unreal visit with Arabella today. Made me feel like a real deal rockstar. Awesome personality, super funny and unbelievably gorgeous. Wish I could have spent all day, week and year there.

    Reviewed by: Ben says:

    Amazing experience and masseuse. Arabella is funny and playful but also hugely professional and looks to provide the best experience possible. Would highly recommend and I will be back

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Thanks Arabella. Sexy, beautiful, funny and great company. Come back to Nottingham soon xx

    Reviewed by: Tony says:

    Wow. Arabella was fantastic. It was an excellent massage from start to finish. The best Ive had at Privy massage

    Reviewed by: Dave says:

    Arabella is lovely she is very welcoming and puts you at easy straight away. Her service is amazing and I will 100% be returning

    Reviewed by: David says:

    This girl is one in a million. Can’t put into words how much I enjoy her company – the perfect combination of sweetness and naughtiness. Until the next time… xxxx

14 Reviews

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    Reviewed by: Stephen says:

    I went to see jasmine today for a nuru massage jasmine look after me very weel because it was my first time jasmine look a lot more beautiful in person than in her picture, I will be coming back when jasmine is back in Liverpool thank you for my massage and take care of your self I will see you soon in liverpool

    Reviewed by: Michael says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Jazmine, excellent very attentive and beautiful photo does not do her justice, highly recommendex

    Reviewed by: Paul says:

    Absolutely incredible massage with Jazmine. Best I’ve ever had. Beautiful girl who put the biggest smile on my face.

    Reviewed by: Yas says:

    Hi I just booked one hour Nuru massage with jasmine it was worth every penny excellent service would recommend her I am definitely going back next week as well thanks also she look more beautiful in real life I love her company as will .From yas

    Reviewed by: Steve says:

    Lovely lady, very friendly. Enjoyed a nice hour in her company. If you are a bum and boobs person then look no further

    Reviewed by: David says:

    Hi I would just like to say I meet jazmine first time today and would just like you to no she is absolutely fantastic and the best I’ve met so far shame the agency doesn’t let me book her for longer than 90 minutes I could stay with her all day long or she could stay at mine 😝

    Reviewed by: Gareth says:

    5***** for jasmine, made to feel very welcome. Had a 1hour 30 minutes nuru massage, very lovely lady, accent to die for. gracias señora sexy

    Reviewed by: Carl Jones says:

    Jazmine is incredible. Polite, well-spoken and utterly gorgeous, she puts you to ease straight away. Her touch is amazing and she’ll give you the best massage you’ll ever have. Also, if you think her pictures are great, wait until you see her in person. She’s stunning.

    Reviewed by: Mark says:

    Jazmine is truly amazing! She is so friendly and easy to talk to, is incredibly beautiful, and has a perfect hour glass figure. She gave me the best massage I’ve ever had, and her nuru massage was wonderfully sensual. Can’t wait to see Jazmine again!

    Reviewed by: Kieran says:

    Jazmine is very friendly kind and polite made me feel at ease jazmine given a very sensual relaxing massage jazmine has a beautiful bum and has beautiful tanned smooth skin . I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Highly recommended. Delightful and beautiful and great company. A very thorough massage indeed and she has developed her own unique Spanish Nuru 😉 I will be back.

    Reviewed by: Rob says:

    Oh! What a beautiful lovely lady.
    I had an one hour Nuru session with Jazmine today and l must admit her professionalism is impeccable and bar none! I wish I could engage her the whole day. She is stunning, incredible and damn well good!
    I will certainly recommend her to anyone requiring some form of de-stressing.
    Be rest assured that I will certainly come back for more baby.

    Reviewed by: Ali says:

    Absolutely brilliant massage I had today, Jasmine was first class, I recommend her to anyone

    Reviewed by: Liam says:

    She was ok

17 Reviews

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: Shaz says:

    Excellent massage, very relaxing, would recommend

    Reviewed by: Abdul says:

    Crap service

    Reviewed by: Jas says:

    Melissas attitude was outstanding. The massage was exceptional. She was a true professional. Thanks and see you again.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Melissa is beautiful and has a lovely touch. A really relaxing hour. I will definitely book longer with her next time.

    Reviewed by: Al says:

    Melissa was fantastic, lovely and beautiful we had chatted all the massages. I really loved the service she made my day and she know here stuff thank you melissa

    Reviewed by: C.M says:

    Melissa was perfect! But she needs to come to Birmingham more 😉

    Reviewed by: Mark says:

    If ever there was an angel administering massages it would be Melissa. Her hands had me in heaven, never have I had a massage as good as this one. Plus we chatted about anything and everything for the whole 90 mins.
    A beautiful girl who is a credit to the brand…

    Reviewed by: Stephen Hamon says:

    I went to Melissa today I had a nuru massage and Melissa did a good job I will be going back when Melissa back in Liverpool I will give Melissa 5 star I paid 200 hundred pounds and the money was worth it I went for a hour and a half for a nuru massage

    Reviewed by: Jay says:

    Excellent massage , beautiful and attractive lady .. we had very engaging conversation. she is professional and much better looking girl than her pictures.. definitely will visit her again.. highly recommend..

    Reviewed by: emmanuel says:

    My first time for a Nuru massage and the Swedish also. It was wonderful, sensual sweet I felt perfectly good after. Thank you Melissa you are so kind. Hope will see you again.

    Reviewed by: emmanuel says:

    Melissa is a beautiful woman, kind and generous. These massage were wonderful. I’d like to meet her again. This time was unbelievable. Thank you.

    Reviewed by: Tony says:

    Saw Melissa toniggt and as well as being stunning she is a lovely person as well. The massage was excellent as was all of my time with Melissa

    Reviewed by: Mike says:

    Best service very welcoming professional and beautiful girl
    Made feel at ease as its my first time and would definitely recommed Melissa

    Reviewed by: Adam says:

    Nice upmarket place, great massage. Would recommend.

    Reviewed by: Wayne says:

    Saw Melissa in Nottingham and she was simply wonderful. Will definitely book again.

    Reviewed by: STEVE says:

    Melissa only one word GREAT hope to see you again very soon Love Steve xxx

    Reviewed by: STEVE says:

    Melissa what a fantastic massage 11 out of 10 looking forward to seeing you again in Leicester Love Steve xxx

5 Reviews

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    I had an fantastic hour with the beautiful Sophia. She has her own unique style of massage! She is very attentive and friendly and has a great sense of humour. I will be back.

    Reviewed by: Paul says:

    Wow wow wow! Incredible hour with Sophia. Beautiful girl, amazing massage, had such a laugh too! Definitely coming back for more.

    Reviewed by: Stephen Hamon says:

    I went to Sophia today for a nuru massage and it was fantastic when Sophia came to the door Sophia looks amazing Sophia had a beautiful body and a good smile and I will be going back to see Sophia when Sophia is back in liverpool

    Reviewed by: Starfish says:

    I highly recommend spending time with Sophia. She’s incredibly hot, fantastic company and extremely funny. Perfection.

    Reviewed by: Bob says:

    i had a very relaxing and rejuvenating massage with Sofia. She has a great sense of humour and is very easy to get on with. i hope she will be returning soon

2 Reviews

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: STEVE says:


    Reviewed by: Anonymous says:

    Amazing great with her hands and one stunning woman. Her eyes are and the way she looks at you stunning recomended

1 Review

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: Stephen Hamon says:

    I went to see sarah for a nuru massage on Saturday 22nd febuary when sarah came to the door sarah look beautifulwoman in person but her picture does sarah no harm at all I will give sarah 5 star for a beautiful massage and I will give sarah 10 out of 10 for doing a good job when sarah finish the massage we started to have a chat and sarah is a good listener and I will be backto see sarah when sarah is back in liverpool

3 Reviews

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Stella is beautiful, sexy and very friendly. It is clear she loves her job and she gives you her full attention for the whole session. Highly recommended.

    Reviewed by: Yasha says:

    Had an amazing time with her. Great personality and sense of humour.

    Reviewed by: Yasha says:

    Had an amazing time with her. She is caring, attentive and has an amazing sense of humour.
    I will look to book another appointment with her in the future.