My Bio:

Ellie is a highly-experienced massage therapist at Privy Sensual Massage who has time and time again received exceptional ratings from her clients. She is driven to help others through the healing benefits of massage therapy with over 9 years of experience in different massage techniques. Her major emphasis is on the Tantric Swedish and Tantric Hawaiian massage styles.

This field is what she’s always been passionate about - she gains great satisfaction from making people feel good emotionally and physically. It shines throughout her sessions, as Ellie is well known for her beautiful and charming personality, with a marked ability to make her clients feel comfortable around her.

She is currently doing a counselling course with an aim in becoming a sex therapist. For leisure, due to her deep love for animals, Ellie is in involved in helping a few animal charities. She also enjoys reading, yoga, baking, ice-skating and road-trips.

Profile & Sexological Bodyworks:

  • Experience: 9 Years +
  • Age: 31
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Nationality: British
  • Speciality: Hawaiian Massage
  • Lingham Massage: Yes
  • Yoni Massage: Yes
  • Prostate Massage: Yes
  • Naturism: Semi

56 reviews for “Ellie

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: Mark says:

    Had a great time with Ellie today. The massage was fantastic and very relaxing. Ellie was also very friendly and easy to talk to which helped make the experience even more enjoyable!

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    Beautiful and lovely. I left feeling so relaxed!

    Reviewed by: Stanley says:

    I booked a 90 minute session with Ellie and although this was my first experience of anything other than a normal massage I must admit Ellie made me feel very at ease and comfortable.
    After we had finalised the payment I was offered a shower, but this wasn’t needed so I undressed and enjoyed a perfect massage session of oil, body to body massage and later the Nauru massage.
    I will definitely come back to try the other massages she offers

    Reviewed by: Simon says:

    Spent a fun 90mins with Ellie, left happy and relaxed.

    Reviewed by: Tim says:

    Ellie was beautiful and easy to talk to. She made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. The massage was amazing! I could completely let myself go and enjoyed it very much. I would recommend Ellies Hawaiian tantric massage to anyone!

    Reviewed by: Natalie says:

    Went in tensed not sure what to expect but came out completely relaxed and all the tension gone. Ellie made me feel at ease as we talked and got ready for the massage. I would recommend to all as once you have been you will go again

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    I thought her Swedish massage was excellent, then tried her Hawaiian massage which was even better! I know that I’ll leave Ellie feeling happier and relaxed.

    Reviewed by: As says:

    Ellie is a beautiful woman with a gentle and friendly aura. Her massage was very sensual and professional, I can highly recommend. A

    Reviewed by: MC says:

    A lovely session with Ellie, can thoroughly recommend the Hawaiian massage, very relaxing and my muscles feel so much better. It did not feel like 90 minutes! I will be back

    Reviewed by: Pete says:

    Brilliant Hawaiian massage.Ellie what can i say ,wonderfull time ,wonderfull young lady , very relaxed when i left , definitely will see Ellie again xx

    Reviewed by: Bela says:

    Yesterday I had the most wonderful experience in my life with Ellie. The Hawaian Tantric session was amazingly sensual and it has touched my soul. Even though it was taken a 3 hours driving for me to get hers and after the session to get back home, today I feel myself as everything has been changed, my spirit, soul and body at the same time. I cannot explain this feeling, there are no any words for that. Ellie is a beautiful lady and the greatest person I have ever met. I definitely will be back in the near future.

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Yesterday I had probably the best massage of my life, relaxing but also extremely sensual and exciting. Ellie is petite and very beautiful. She immediately put me at ease and was warm welcoming and friendly. The tantric massage was great and built to a wonderful crescendo with the Nuru massage. I cannot recommend Ellie too highly. I am very impressed with Privy massage in general who I have found to be very efficient and professional.

    Reviewed by: Martyn says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!! Ellie was fantastic. She has this charm about her that makes it so easy to talk to her and her skills with her hands are beyond belief. I have visited a few other establishments but they just do not compare. I was there for an hour and a half and would have been happy to stay all day. Thank you Ellie, I will be back. xx

    Reviewed by: Rocky says:

    Amazing experience.

    Reviewed by: David says:

    This lovely lady was extremely professional and talented in the art of Tantric massage and I enjoyed a very pleasant hour in her charming company. A wonderfully sensual time with a mind-blowing climax. Highly recommended!

    Reviewed by: Sheldon says:

    Had an excellent massage from Ellie, very easy to talk to and puts the customer at ease. Very relaxing, very fun. Will return. x

    Reviewed by: Paul says:

    Ellie was the perfect antidote to a stressful few weeks. Charming and easy to chat to it was a gorgeous 60 mins of relaxing massage and stress relief. Perfect!

    Reviewed by: Adam says:

    Booked a session with Ellie, was given the detail for the booking and a phone number to call her on arrival. The masseuse did not answer the phone and I have wasted my time driving all the way from Birmingham to attend the appointment. Total waist of time. I was offered another masseuse but I was too disappointed to bother.

    Reviewed by: Anna says:

    I visited Ellie with a female friend for a “couples massage” with a difference…. three girls together! From the moment we arrived Ellie was fantastic. A gorgeous young lady with an incredibly sensual touch, a smile that lit up the room, a lovely bedside manner, and of course, a very naughty streak. I could tell from the first touch that Ellie is trained in the art of massage. The whole evening was a truly mind blowing experience which I really can’t wait to repeat… maybe solo, or maybe with my male partner next time 😉 I cannot recommend Ellie highly enough. You will not be disappointed.

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Just had another session with Ellie and though I didn’t think it possible it was even better than the first. She is such a beautiful woman and intuitive masseuse. Calming when necessary but very exciting when needed! The Nuru massage is wonderful. I look forward to seeing her many times in the future.

    Reviewed by: Neil says:

    Truly amazing massage from a beautiful girl. Not only does she have a truely amazing body but she is such a beautiful person. Will be back without doubt.

    Reviewed by: Arturs says:

    Fantastic experience. Ellie has a great personality and is very professional. I absolutely loved the session.

    Reviewed by: Guy says:

    Wow! Ellie is a lady with a natural beauty. She was welcoming with a beautiful smile. Her intelligence shone through along with her passion to please. Ellie asked me if I had any preferences for my massage and I asked her to look after my shoulders and knee. I have had different types of massage, all over the world, but nothing and I mean nothing compares to the Hawaiin that Ellie performs. The use of the hands, arms and breasts are magical. It is both sensual and relaxing. The electricity that goes through your body when her pert breasts and nipples just brush your body is incredible. I travelled a long way for this massage, after doing a lot of research and Ellie did not disappoint. If you have any concerns about booking, then think again make an appointment and come and see Ellie. Thanks Ellie, I look forward to another visit sometime soon.

    Reviewed by: Joe says:

    An incredible massage within a relaxing atmosphere. Ellie was friendly, sensual and professional.

    Reviewed by: Charlie says:

    Another amazing massage by a beautiful young lady. Thank you Ellie.

    Reviewed by: R says:

    An awesome 90 minutes. The best massage ever by far. A lovely lady and time well spent – I will certainly be back as soon as possible!

    Reviewed by: Eneis says:

    Ellie is generous and her bodily intelligence is admirable. The experience was delighting and enlightening.

    Reviewed by: Glyn says:

    Ellie is a wonderful young lady. A great massage that I can only describe as mind blowing. This was by far the best massage I have ever had.

    Reviewed by: George says:

    I had a lovely Hawaian massage with Ellie 2hours of pure bliss very relaxing and loving massage .Ellie relaxes .you from the start and her technique Is so sensual the weigh of the world disappears

    Reviewed by: Steve says:

    Had an absolutely incredible experience with Ellie. A sensual massage with a tantalising tease concluding with a mind-blowing orgasm. I’ll be back for sure.

    Reviewed by: Brian says:

    Recently had a mind blowing tantric experience with Ellie. She is a very attractive woman with a gorgeous figure and the most beautiful breast which she uses skilfully throughout the massage. The Hawaiian tantric massage was thrill from start to climax. Thank you for an amazing 90 minutes of pure pleasure

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Wonderful 90 minutes – Ellie’s lovely nature made me feel so at ease, and the Hawaiam massage did indeed make me feel nurtured and loved.
    Was already planning my next apt with Ellie.

    Reviewed by: steve says:

    Spend my life rushing and what an absolute pleasure to switch off completely – well off from the world outside

    Wonderful Massage, great place and so much better to have thing organised properly.

    Can’t think of a reason why I will not be repeating the experience very soon. Can’t wait.

    Reviewed by: Michael says:

    5 star massage in a 5 star apartment with a lovely lady I will definitely book Ellie again.

    Reviewed by: Martyn says:

    Another unforgettable massage from Ellie. Thank you and I will be back.

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    2nd appointment with Ellie yesterday
    I only need 2 words
    Totally Wonderful
    (I get very anxious and Ellie has such a calming manner – absolutely fabulous)

    Reviewed by: JAMES says:

    What an amazing, lovely, beautiful and warm-hearted girl. Spending 90 minutes with Ellie yesterday was an unforgettable experience for me and was just what I needed after a stressful few days. She was a delight to talk to from start-to-finish and incredibly skilled. I heartily recommend Ellie and cannot wait to see here again.

    Reviewed by: Paul says:

    This was the first Hawaiian massage I’d had, but this was an amazing massage. Ellie is very down to earth and friendly, and makes you feel at ease. Highly recommended to try this style if you haven’t already.

    Reviewed by: Alice says:

    Had an amazing experience with Ellie!!!! This was a first time for me and my husband to have a sensual massage, and Ellie was just perfect! She is so kind, pretty, sexy… absolutely stunning! We will definitely be coming back for more xxx

    Reviewed by: Jon says:

    First time Ive had a massage like this and it was a wonderful one with Ellie a great touch I will be visiting again.

    Reviewed by: MyKim says:

    I was always wondering how my beautiful Ellie does the massage, wanted to feel that myself.. Did couple of 4hand massages with her few times and I saw how she massages but yesterday after our 4hand session I booked her amazing session too. I couldn’t wait longer 😍 Her touch was amazing. Strong but at the same time very soft. It’s like a feather! After the session we took a walk and every 3minutes I said how light and happy I feel. 🤗 Next day? Perfect! I still feel relaxed… Dear Ellie you are the treasure for us. Privy massage is proud of you and I am happy I can know you my dear. I hope to book nice and long session with you again.

    Reviewed by: John says:

    Have just had a fantastic massage with Ellie. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I was put completely at ease and the following ninety minutes flew by. Ellie is lovely and both the massage and apartment without fault. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you once again.

    Reviewed by: Paul says:

    While not everyone likes Hawaiian pizza, I’m sure everyone would love a Hawaiian massage. Ellie is easy to get on with and very skilled at her job – identifying issues, and helping you to resolve them, while also providing a fantastic relaxing massage. Happy to recommend again

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    WOW. It was wonderful to meet such a lovely person. Ellie has a great sense of humour, is extremely friendly and a beautiful young lady. She controls superbly the blend of sensuality and eroticism with her individual massage technique. I asked her at the outset what her touching boundaries were, which she greatly appreciated, and I was happy to respect them. Her massage hands are truly a delight to experience. She very slowly ramps up the sensual, then the erotic, character of the massage experience. The build-up was exquisite and undulating – sometimes intense, sometimes relaxing. She has a beautiful trim body and uses it, within the accepted parameters, to great effect. She creates an erotic journey that is a slow trajectory to the most intense arrival at the final destination. I cannot recall another massage that left me so satisfied and happy. Ellie, thank you and I shall be back as soon as I can – with just one chocolate…you know what I mean.

    Reviewed by: Matt says:

    It was an absolute pleasure meeting Ellie today, she made me feel immediately comfortable and relaxed.

    First and foremost she’s engaging, seriously skilled at massage and has a seriously beautiful body.

    Secondly she’s warm, friendly and interesting to talk to which just completes the unforgettable visit.

    If you want an hour or two to destress and be utterly pampered I’d seriously recommend getting in touch with Privy Massage to see if Ellie is available.

    Thanks again Ellie. X

    Reviewed by: Luke says:

    WOW. Ellie is a very beautiful women. Very welcoming and easy to talk to. She really makes you at ease . I went in tensed and came out relaxed and chilled. It was like the best thing I have felt the whole of my body felt incredible. Will be going back . Thanks Ellie

    Reviewed by: Luke says:

    Well thanks again Ellie for an amazing time. You really made my body feel truly relaxed . Also got the pain and aches out of my back and neck feels much better now . Would really recommend Swedish massage . Thanks Ellie xx

    Reviewed by: Paul says:

    Once again an amazing massage and blissful time. Ellie is fully engaging, and sets you at ease, while sorting out bits a pieces you didn’t even know were issues. The time flies by, and you do leave walking on air. Amazing must do massage experience.

    Reviewed by: Charlie says:

    Wow!! Another mind blowing massage from you and Vicky. Four hands is truly amazing. Thank you both for an unforgettable experience.

    Reviewed by: P says:

    Ellie is an incredibly skilled and attentive masseuse. She made sure that the experience was thoroughly relaxing and worked hard on relaxing the tensions throughout. She was really knowledgeable, excellent company and is stunning. I highly recommended spending time with her.

    Reviewed by: Martyn says:

    An amazing four hand massage with you and Grace and it was mind blowing. I hope Grace stays on as she would be a great asset to Privy Massage.

    Reviewed by: MA says:

    Enjoyed an absolutely fantastic hour with Ellie. My first time, and felt completely at ease in her company, and the massage itself left me feeling blissfully relaxed.
    I shall return, without doubt, and as soon as possible.

    Reviewed by: Martyn says:

    I have praised Ellie in the past and thought no need for another one but the massage on Monday was even more mind blowing. Her skills are amazing and she is so attractive that I will be returning many more times if I may.

    Reviewed by: Will says:

    First time visit to Ellie today and an utterly mind blowing experience. Totally relaxed and all expectations surpassed. Will be back.

    Reviewed by: M says:

    Ellie thanks for today, very nice and relaxing, see you soon xx

    Reviewed by: Martyn says:

    Oh Ellie, what can I say. I thought you had given me the ultimate massage but today topped everything in the past. I left you so happy that I could have danced home. Roll on next time.