The beautiful Megan is youthful, skillful and very open-minded. She moved with her family from Slovakia to live in London several years ago where she learned English as well as adopt the British culture.

Megan is passionate about massage, so much that she has accomplished several certifications in various massage types over the years. She has gained most of the experience as a mobile beautify therapist before joining our team. She has also completed our Sensual Body to Body master class including our Swedish Tantric massage, prostate massage and Yoni massage.

She is down-to-earth, easy going and great for a conversation while you relax. If you want to make her very happy “She loves flowers and perfumes :)”.

Profile & Sexological Bodyworks:

  • Experience: 3 Years +
  • Age: 26
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Nationality: Slovakia
  • Speciality: Swedish Nuru
  • Lingham Massage: Yes
  • Yoni Massage: Yes
  • Prostate Massage: Yes
  • Naturism: Yes

70 reviews for “Megan

Overall Rating:

    Reviewed by: J.R. says:

    Spent a quality hour with Megan yesterday. She is an absolutely stunning looking woman. Gorgeous body and beautiful face. She is extremely friendly. Her massage, to be completely honest, was fantastic. She knows what she is doing, and you will be in seventh heaven when you leave her. I can not wait to see you next time !

    Reviewed by: Craig says:

    I had a great time with Megan! It was the first time I have seen her as I am really glad I did. She is a really charming and attractive young lady and gave me a very relaxing-erotic massage.I can not wait to come back to spend more time with her !

    Reviewed by: R says:

    Met megan again today for the 2nd time and all I can say she is absolutely one of the best at Privy. So friendly and her massage takes you to heaven & back. Cant wait to see her again when back in Leicester 🙂

    Reviewed by: Jonathan says:

    Wonderful relaxing massage by a very beautiful young lady. Highly recommended. I will certainly be going back to see Megan again.

    Reviewed by: Sarah says:

    I spent a fantastic hour with Megan, it was my first time, she made me feel at ease. She is very friendly and beautiful. Felt totally relaxed. She is amazing at what she does. 10 out of 10. Thank you for the whole experience I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    Megan is a delight to meet.Our 90 mins together were amazing. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you step in. Her massage is fantastic and will definitely see her again.

    Reviewed by: Chris says:

    The best erotic massage I have had and from the very beautiful and very friendly Megan. The time just flies in her company.

    Reviewed by: T says:

    I had the most relaxing and mind blowing massage with Megan on Thursday evening in Nottingham.
    She delivered exactly what was discussed and more. Look forward to her scheduling being set to fortnightly visits to NG going forward 🤲🏻

    Reviewed by: David P says:

    What can I say, other than wow. Best massage and all round experience I have had with Privy, and that is saying something as nearly all the ladies are wonderful.
    Her photos don’t do her justice and she has an awesome smile and wicked laugh. Till next time! I will be back.

    Reviewed by: Stephen Hamon says:

    i went to see megan on Thursday afternoon when megan came to the door megan look beautiful in person I was a bit tired at first but when megan started to do the massage I felt at eased I will give megan 5 star for doing a good massage and I will give megan 10 out of 10 for doing a good job and I will see megan soon when megan is coming back to Liverpool and take care of your self

    Reviewed by: Ali says:

    Absolutely unbelievable !
    She gave me the best massage I’ve ever had, and her nuru massage was wonderfully sensual.
    Can’t wait to see Megan again!

    Reviewed by: Robin says:

    Had a great massage from Megan today. Lovely lady with great hand skills. I will certainly be back to see her again.

    Reviewed by: Paul says:

    Very special lady who made me smile. Treat her well

    Reviewed by: Raj says:

    The most beautiful lady at Privy ! She is so natural and her touch is just amazing !
    I can’t wait to see her again !

    Reviewed by: Kam says:

    If you want a real authentic tantric massage, then I highly recommend Megan.She is an amazing beautiful person who clearly understands her art. She seems to understand what you want or need without you having to say anything. A true therapist in so many ways. I can’t wait to see her again !

    Reviewed by: Lisa says:

    First time going to Megan, in fact, my first erotic massage full stop. Megan made me feel comfortable and at ease. I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend. Can’t wait until my next time.

    Reviewed by: pacit jowan says:

    megan is woderful angel flying all over me. i want see again next week

    Reviewed by: Zii says:

    Wow i was pleasantly surprised, Megan was absolutely amazing such an amazing experience and she is so hot.

    Reviewed by: Daniel says:

    She’s the most beautiful girl from Privy , natural and amazing smile , also the massage was the best i had at Privy .
    I can’t wait to see her again ! x

    Reviewed by: Anthony says:

    Seen Megan for the first time today what an amazing woman words cannot describe how amazing my massage was but I will definitely be seeing her again when she makes a visit too my home town just hope she enjoyed our time together xx

    Reviewed by: Stephen Hamon says:

    i went to see megan for the second time in liverpool when megan came to the door and wow megan look beautiful as ever when megan started to do the massage i felt relax and i will give megan 5 star for doing a good massage and i will give megan 10 out of 10 for doing a good job and i enjoyed every minute in megan company from the start to the finish treat megan with respect and treat megan well i will see megan soon when megan come back to liverpool and look after yourself and i will see you soon when megan is back in liverpool

    Reviewed by: Alex says:

    Megan is nice energy. Pretty woman. She is good communicative, playful and I was enjoying her sensitive touch. To use superlative is not enough. The best way is to try her service. It was beautiful night session.

    Reviewed by: Nick says:

    A very pleasant time with Meghan who is attractive, polite and also seemed very kind. A pleasant erotic massage with a very relaxing wind down at the end.

    Reviewed by: Nick says:

    Really nice time with Megan who is kind and good to look at and also delivers a pleasant massage. I am not quite sure why (probably me not her) but it just wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be.

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    WOW !!!
    Megan is absolutely amazing, her photos don’t do her justice, she is more stunning in real life.
    I had an amazing time with her and i can’t wait to book her again !

    Reviewed by: Ethan says:

    Had an amazing time with Megan , she is more beautiful in reality. I could spend all day with her .
    Best massage ! xxx

    Reviewed by: Ethan says:

    Thanks Megan for this time, I can’t wait to see you again ! ❤️❤️❤️

    Reviewed by: Simon says:

    Definitely the best girl at Privy Massage.She has the perfect blend of skills and beauty. Thanks for a lovely time and can’t wait to see you again! ❤️❤️❤️

    Reviewed by: David says:

    Wow Wow Wow
    Megan is so much more attractive than her website pictures. She is gorgeous and delivers an excellent highly sensual massage service . I would rate her 10/10 xxx

    Reviewed by: John says:

    Five star lady
    Can’t say anything more
    Great attitude and polite

    Reviewed by: Cando says:

    Wow wow I me Megan for the first time and she’s stunning very friendly,chatty and the massage was so good I didn’t wanted to end,I can’t wait to see you again soon sexy.
    Highly recommended

    Reviewed by: Cando says:

    Wow wow wow I met Megan for second time and I don’t know how to put it in word
    Just fabulous.

    Reviewed by: Cando says:

    I met Megan for third times and she’s the most beautiful,polite girl I ever met so threat her with respect
    I can’t wait to see her again

    Reviewed by: Anonymous says:

    She is the best at Privy xxx
    Can’t wait to see her again ❤️

    Reviewed by: S says:

    Megan !!! You made me so happy today. I looked at you and I was so happy inside. I felt a sense of friendship and warmth being by your side once again. You make me feel at home, because I don’t have a home, or a family, but you extended love to me like nobody ever did. I feel comfortable around you. I’m falling in love. You are the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on, from the first second I met you, I said I want her. You deserve to have the world and everything in it.

    Reviewed by: Rich says:

    The best session I ever had from privy , she is a Diamond 💎 .I was amazed at her beauty when she opened the door ! ❤️

    Reviewed by: Rich says:

    I will definitely book again !❤️

    Reviewed by: Habib says:

    She is so much more beautiful and attractive than her pictures.
    This lady is 10 out of 10 !
    Best at Privy ! ✨

    Reviewed by: Ahmad says:

    Superb! Very welcoming, beautiful and elegant Megan. I’ve visited her few times and have had a flawless experience every time.
    See you soon and thank you 10 stars from me!

    Reviewed by: Calvin says:

    What an amazing girl, with a soft and highly sensual touch, an amazing massage and a lady I would highly recommend.
    Will definitely be using her services again.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Reviewed by: Billy says:

    Thank you Megan for a wonderful experience from start to finish you were incredible, you made me feel so relaxed all way through.
    Would definitely see her again.❤️

    Reviewed by: jamz says:

    excellent massage i ever had, she is absolutely amazing

    Reviewed by: Rich says:

    Megan is an absolutely stunning woman with a body that is heavenly! Her massage was precise, sensual and relaxing.
    She is just out of this world ..the most beautiful woman at Privy for sure .
    Thanks Megan and see you soon 🌹🌹🌹

    Reviewed by: Anonymous says:

    Megan is the best, I enjoyed a lot the massage and everything was wonderful. I can say she is the most beautiful girl at Privy and also she is very natural.
    I would definitely love to go back.🌹

    Reviewed by: Anonymous says:

    Megan I can’t wait to see you back in Nottingham , i had lovely time with you 🌹

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Stunning lady
    Stunning massage
    Wonderful experience
    Can’t wait to see her again ! 🌹

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    Megan you are the best and the most beautiful girl without make-up.
    You are so natural,lovely girl!

    Reviewed by: Anonymous says:

    A beautiful woman with a stunning body!
    I meet mostly all masseuse from Privy, but I’ve never seen natural beauty like u Megan , i get lost in your eyes !
    Your massage is the best and hope to see you soon !

    Reviewed by: Charles says:

    Massage really poor – nothing more than brushing motion using nails & fingertips, I couldn’t be absolutely sure, but she only seemed to be using one hand!
    The B2B part was nothing more than Megan rubbing her chest over mine for about 90 seconds.
    This was a lacklustre, effortless performance that was certainly not worth the high prices Privy charge.
    It is highly unlikely that I shall use Privy again.

    Reviewed by: Alex says:

    I had a great massage from Megan ,she is a lovely girl and very professional I am looking forward to come back

    Reviewed by: charles says:

    This is my second attempt to review Megan. The first was not published. I wonder why…

    In a nutshell, just awful. A one-handed tickle with her nails that tried to masquerade as a massage, followed by an offer of high-priced extras. This has put me off using Privy again.

    Reviewed by: Andy says:

    WOW !
    Megan is just perfect. Awesome massage, great attention to detail. She is absolutely fantastic, she’s also a very intelligent.
    The massage was excellent and sensual. Can’t wait for the next meet!💯💯💯

    Reviewed by: Tom says:

    I had one of the life time sensual massage with Megan !
    This woman is something else..
    Will definitely be back to see her.

    Reviewed by: Rushdi says:

    Excellent service, I was amazed at her beauty when she opened the door .
    Today it was my second time with Megan and she delivered 5 star service ,she is just amazing !!!!
    Thanks Megan and I can’t wait to see you next time ❤️

    Reviewed by: Adam says:

    This girl is amazing .. if I can I will give her 10 star !
    Worth all my money , I will be back for her soon ! ❤️

    Reviewed by: Mohamed says:

    She is the best masseuse !
    5 STAR for Megan !

    Reviewed by: Simon says:

    Mega is an absolutely stunning woman with a body that is heavenly and she is certainly the best at Priy by far .
    If I could give 10 stars I would, thank u Megan and see you soon!

    Reviewed by: K says:

    Had a 90 min today with the lovely Megan and I can see why she is so popular she was amazing from start to finish she fine tuned to my needs and more and even had time to make conversation and small talk I have to say by far the best privy have I shall be returning to see Megan thank you for making my experience special x 2 😍

    Reviewed by: Sergei says:

    Megan is very friendly , beatiful and attractive lady .
    Massage was excellent !
    Thank you for a great time

    Reviewed by: Chris Brown says:

    A mind-blowing erotic and sensual massage from a beautiful, attentive woman. I strongly recommend. Thank you, Megan

    Reviewed by: Safraz Ahmed says:

    Poor service from this lady.
    Massage was none existent only a few minor strokes with her hands. No technique. Complete waste of money.

    Reviewed by: M says:

    Fantastic. Sensuous hand movements both relaxing and keeping me on edge for a long time. Wonderful ending. Very happy.

    Reviewed by: Dr Phil says:

    The massage and the after service was 5 star couldn’t ask for more she did what was asked of her the way I asked didn’t say no once!!! Her feet are so amazing I loved the pedicure white toes ufff I could go to her again plenty of times

    Reviewed by: Mo says:

    Meghan is UNREAL!!!

    I did not come for a while, because of other commitments. However, Meghan really made me want to come back more frequently now. I loved my massage, she is the best there!!! She’s so patient, polite and respectful.

    Reviewed by: A J says:

    Had a great time with Megan, she is amazing

    Reviewed by: Alex says:

    I had a amazing massage with Megan today….was execelent no doubt is a 5 star masseuse

    Reviewed by: Fg says:

    5 stars for Megan , she is really beautiful , more beautiful than pictures and the massage was incredible , I would recommend Megan 10/10 !
    See you soon Megan !

    Reviewed by: J says:

    I must have gone on an off day. Was friendly enough but didn’t want to talk. Massage was only okay, nothing special. After seeing other feedback was hoping for something better.

    Reviewed by: Trevor says:

    I can only say there should be more than 5 stars. I have never felt so relaxed in my life as I did on Thursday. I have had a few massage and not one of them could get close to how Megan made me feel hope to see her very

    Reviewed by: Ak says:

    Wow privy I’m pretty impressed had a wonderful booking today with Megan for my 2 hour session I’m actually lost for words she is the best